Corporate Social Responsibility

Ruwa Football Club

Probottlers, Probrands, and Prodairy were approached in 2019 by the Ruwa Local Board requesting sponsorship for their local football team. The team comprises a group of talented young men, from ages 25 to 30 years old, all of whom are unemployed. Progroup Ruwa has committed to taking on sponsorship for the season; having only lost one game in the previous season, the team has been promoted to play First Division for the Eastern Region.

Progroup’s sponsorship covers ZIFA affiliation fees for the year, referees fees, technical personnel fees, players allowances, camping fees, and transport to away games.

EatOut Movement - Mobi Kitchen

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Probrands have partnered with Mobi Kitchen in feeding the homeless. Mobi Kitchen goes to various squatter camps in Harare almost every Saturday to feed young children who come from the surrounding areas. They started off with 110 children and the number increases every week as there are now well over 400 children who arrive.

Each child is fed a hot meal depending on the donations received which includes Probrands rice, vegetables, and often a protein.

Probrands are pleased to be taking part in this incredible initiative!

Tag Rugby Trust

Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe has been doing a great job of organising tag rugby games around Zimbabwe.This organisation supports the development of local communities by working with the youth, mostly children ages 8 to 12 years old.

The programme helps build children’s confidence by giving them a safe and healthy environment to learn new skills and disciplines, which enables them to thrive.

We support this initiative in various ways, but also by sharing our products and beverages with the players and supporters that attend the matches.


The other key Corporate Social Responsibility program that Probottlers has championed is regular donations of food to hospitals and old people homes.

The local hospitals that have benefited from this are Sally Mugabe and Parirenyatwa hospitals.

The old people’s homes that Prodairy has supported are Save Old Age People, Ondine Francis Trust, Flame Lily, Lodge Scotia and Westreign Homes.

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